In this case, the task entrusted to me was that of transforming an ancient convent for nuns, Le Monacelle, into a tourist residence. This was to be achieved while maintaining the characteristic appearance of the convent and the familiar aspect desired by the client, the Laterza family, restaurateurs known in the Itria valley for their high-quality cuisine. The decision to use traditional materials for the restoration of the entire complex was not a difficult one. Since we did not want to exclude technological improvements, however, we decided to number the stones, remove them and then replace them only after the technicians had completed their installations. The lights highlight the exposed tufa rock vaulted ceilings, yet remain invisible since they were inserted into the tufa rocks that were cut by hand. The furnishings are local originals and were located one by one in the area’s old manor farms. Expert craftsmen restored them to their original splendor. The same principle was employed at the restaurant, where the tablecloths were embroidered dai femmn (by the women), and the tableware and glasses were crafted in the factories of Grottaglie using a Pugliese design. Only the kitchen is an expression of the most advanced technology available. The result garnered me the above-mentioned prize, and 20 years of the residence’s continued success have confirmed the choices of those who desired this restoration



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