The pool area measures 95 linear ft. long by 47 linear ft. wide and is made up of three distinct areas:  
- an adult pool measuring 49 linear ft. by 37 linear ft. with a depth ranging from 4 to 8 ft.;
- a children’s pool measuring 9.8 linear ft. long by 23 linear ft. wide, with a maximum depth of 2.3 ft.;
- two whirlpool areas with various types of jets.
Along the perimeter there is a double border at the water’s edge, which is enhanced by designs engraved directly on the stone strip which separates the water from the grass.
The whirlpool areas and the main pool are linked together, but are divided into sections by walls that come to an end just below the water's surface. The children’s pool, on the other hand, is completely independent and has its own filtering and purification system.
The entire surface of the pool area is paved with Trani stone blocks, which give the pools a pearl color, accentuated during the hotter months due to the sun. The only exception is the whirlpool area, enriched by a one-of-a-kind ceramic surface: a black field decorated with gold leaf mosaic fragments which combine the effects of the sun with the soft waves of the water, resulting in an abundant reflection of light.
The pool lighting was created by applying the principles of fiber optic light transmission. This results in a unique nighttime spectacle, impossible to recreate using traditional LED lighting systems.





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