This story began in 2003, while I was seated at a table richly laden with food. Given the task of creating a hotel in an area unique for its beauty, I asked myself how I could make the most of the opportunity to build in such an exclusive natural setting. Calling to mind my experiences as a teenager spent in Puglia's countryside led to refamiliarizing myself with its spaces, materials, colors, the relationships between light and shade, as well as the proportions of the architecture of these powerful places. This is what inspired the project. In order to preserve the trees in the area, I divided the hotel among various buildings. This also made it possible for me to create buildings which are typical of the area, to reduce the overall size and impact on the surroundings, and to build modules which are independent with regards to energy. Each masseria (manor farm) has from six to eight guest rooms, each with its own private garden or terrace. The rooms were constructed using premade interchangeable modules, assembled in a manner which seems random. This was done in order to recreate those types of spontaneous architecture where the spaces, always uniform, were arranged due to needs as they arose.



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